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   A question may always arise in our minds, "Why to even think about the spiritual world?" The answer to this question is very simple. Whatever we see in this material world, be it a living or non-living thing, will come to an end one or the other day. Even the human body in which the eternal soul resides will vanish one day when the soul leaves this materialistic body. The overall conclusion is that the material world is a temporary part of our life because it is not long lasting. It will come to an end. But the spiritual world is the eternal, transcendental world. It is the absolute, supreme truth. It will never come to an end. It is the abode where the Gods, Demigods and even the Supreme God "Parampita Paramatma" resides in his "Saguna" form. Yes, "Parampita Paramatma" (The Supreme Soul) lives in his spiritual abode known as "Param Dham". We call that Supreme Lord as "Shree Dadaji Dhuniwale", which literally means the father of fathers.

   One can experience the existence of that spiritual world by the grace of a divine master like our Gurudev Swami Om Shivanand Dadaji from India. If we proceed on his path of practicing penance and meditation, we can easily attain the power of "Third Eye" opening, Kundalini Awakening and even the Astral Journey!


Self-development is the basis of a better and harmonious life; a life free of stress and anxiety. It is the realization of the soul. One who realizes the soul, gets detached from all mundane bonds of lust, ignorance and awakens in its purest spiritual consciousness. An awakened person can live a balanced life with everlasting happiness and attains an ability to overcome the worldly sorrows. Gurudev Swami Om Shivanand Dadaji always guides his disciples to achieve the self-development through self-realization and devotional relationship with the Supreme God. The refuge of Gurudev Swami Om Shivanand Dadaji is the best way to survive through evil attributes of “Kali Yuga” & conquer the materialistic false illusions.


To reach the absolute truth, appropriate path needs to be followed. The teachings of Gurudev Swami Om Shivanand Dadaji are based on the practical realization of the spiritual world. He emphasizes on divine knowledge through self-experiences. His approach towards spirituality is based on ancient Vedic scriptures and modern science. He bridges the current age technology with the Vedic science of seers and sages of ancient India. He guides with the meditation technique through which the mystic "Spiritual Vision" can be achieved. By the grace of Gurudev Swami Om Shivanand Dadaji, it has become possible even today to get that spiritual vision through his guided way of penance and meditation.

Spiritual growth

Even though the soul is immortal, it is trapped in the bonds of "Karma" (Deeds). As a result, the soul is contaminated and resides in the materialistic world. There are around 84 Lakh species of living beings including human, in which the soul has to reside. It's a cycle of rebirth and death. Materialistic bodies are altered, but the eternal soul is unchanged and constant. The ultimate purpose of this human life is to achieve liberation of the soul from cycle of rebirth and death. But due to ignorance, human being considers himself as a material body and hence forgets the ultimate purpose of his existence. To enhance the eternal power of the soul, is the only ultimate goal of every living being. 


   "The more you think of yourself as shining immortal spirit, the more eager you will be to be absolutely free of matter, body and senses. This is the intense desire to be free."

||  Jai Shree Shivanand Dadaji Ki ||

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